Company History

Sprit of almost half a century of continuous progress and innovation. Milestone Catalyst put its efforts to produce solutions to the food and beverages industry which capture the need of time and society. The progress of these 38 years is just the history of reforms.

1983 - The beginning of the Milestone Catalyst

Mr. Atique Ahmed, founder of Milestone Catalyst Corporation (MCC) developed an idea to introduce the latest technology in Edible Oil & Fat Industry across Pakistan. This new technology provided a more simplified & efficient solution in comparison with the old, out dated traditional process. Through this new initiation of his hard work & dedication, he established collaboration with a well known local edible oil refinery which became a milestone achievement till today. During this collaboration he developed Pakistan’s first indigenous Scrapped Surface Heat Exchanger (SSHE) for Puff & Pastry Margarine which completely captured the market due to its quality beyond customer expectations. This great achievement gave boost to the business & by virtue of this; the business was expanded tremendously & today MCC holds the top position in the market.

1986 - Creation of Soya Supreme Cooking Oil Brand

Mr. Atique further with this collaboration designed a semi-continues refinery with UHT Deodorizer System for Soybean Oil Processing which is to date under production of top brand cooking oil “SOYA SUPREME” known in Pakistan due to its quality.

1993 - Developed Industrial Shortenings, Oils & Fats First Time in Pakistan

Milestone developed the industrial shortenings, oils & fats first time in Pakistan according to the local climate condition as per food industry needs. Due to low cost and better quality, these products were successfully replaced by the customers of Pakistan’s Food Industry with the same imported products and now the volumes of these products are manifold.

2000 - Started Offering Engineering Services

Along with our existing services being offered in local market, we also positioned ourselves further in offering engineering services as well to our most esteemed cliental across Pakistan.

2001 - Initiated Pakistan’s First Palm Oil Dry Fractionation Plant

Milestone Catalyst initiated Pakistan’s First Palm Oil Dry Fractionation Plant being successfully installed to produce Palm Olein locally.

2003 - Milestone Catalyst Corporation (MCC) was Formed

Just after two years, Milestone Catalyst Corporation (MCC) was formed and it completely holds the business sales and marketing of catalysts along with imported specialty oil & fats, stocking and supplies of other processing chemicals for the food and edible oil industry. By this time company had established as a large indenter, importer and supplier.

2007 - Collaboration with Paragon Marketing & Equindus

Milestone Catalyst Corporation (MCC) collaborated with two strategic business units named Paragon Marketing and Equindus with the aim to extend and enhance its capacity to provide “One stop” products & services mechanism to the valuable clients with Safe, Reliable, and Economical Products and latest technical process solutions.

2008 - Became Prestigious Edible Oil, Ghee and Food Industries across Pakistan.

Mr. Atique Ahmed passed away and his sons carried forward his mission with full enthusiasm, efforts and commitment towards this company. Through best services towards their valued customers Mr. Atique’s sons put the company at the path of further success and their efforts are continue to turn his dream into reality by transforming the company the most popular brand name amongst Pakistan’s Edible Oil, Ghee & Food Industries across Pakistan.