Cocoa Butter Substitute (CBS)

Product details

Origin: Malaysia / Indonesia
Packing: PE Bags in Cartons
Weight 20kg
Melting Point 33-35⁰C

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About Product

COCOA BUTTER SUBSTITUTE is fractionated and hydrogenated palm kernel oil. With a combined characteristics of very hard and brittle nature at ambient temperature, it release good flavour at body temperature, CBS is excellent for moulding confectioneries such as chocolate, hollow figures and enrobing. CBS with its low Iodine Value, has a good oxidative stability and is free from off odour and off flavour. CBS also has good tolerance to fat bloom.

Our CBS is a total replacer of Cocoa Butter, ideally suited for making compound chocolate products which required no tempering. Compound chocolate prepared with our CBS forms stable fat crystal in rapid cooling. It has superior gloss and gloss retention with excellent snap, flavor release and cooling sensation in the mouth .