Distilled Monoglycerides (DMG)

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Origin: China
Packing: Bag
Weight 25kg

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About Product

Distilled monoglyceride helps with the softness and shelf life extension of bread. It improves cake batter performance, crumbs structure, and volume and reduces stickiness and homogeneously distributes fat in caramel. It has controlled melting properties and improves texture control in cheese, cream, and some desserts and has an anti-stickiness effect with pasta. It is a completely non-toxic and harmless food additive and there is no restriction intake by the human body.


DMG is commonly used to produce pizza, sponge cake, ice cream, protein bars, cookies, crackers, candy, caramel, chocolate, and bubble gum bases, among other items. Their main purpose is to prevent oil and water separation and give the finished product a consistent texture.