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Milestone Catalyst Corporation (MCC) is a name that needs no recognition amongst Pakistan’s Food Industry. MCC stands as a symbol of trust, honesty and perfection like no other. We pride ourselves amongst the existing Pakistan’s Edible Oil Refining, Vanaspati / Ghee and Food Industry from last 38 years offering our exceptional services to our esteemed customers all across Pakistan.

A Symbol of Trust in Pakistan's Food & Beverages Industry

Milestone Catalyst Corporation is involved in sales, supplies and indenting of food ingredients mainly oil and fats to the food industry in Pakistan. Besides this the company imports Cocoa Powder, Specialty Oils and fats, Starches and others additives of global standards which enhances the quality of food items. The specialty oils and fats largely used in manufacturing chocolates, confectionery, biscuits and dairy alternative products like vegetable fat milk powder, tea and coffee whiteners, frozen desserts and toppings and decorating creams.  

One of the major products that we import and supply is Nickel catalyst for the hydrogenation of oils and fats to the edible oil industry. Nickel catalyst is used to convert liquid oils into semi solid or solid form to manufacture Vanaspati Ghee, Margarines and Shortenings. We also provide Activated Alloy Catalysts (AAC) for the production of Sorbitol from Glucose.

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To understand Milestone Catalyst beyond a few facts and figures requires an appreciation of the value we place on partnerships throughout our organization
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mission & vision

People + Opportunity

We are proud to support a people-first philosophy of empowerment, collaboration and team success through a commitment to providing a safe work environment and the opportunity to build strong connections aligned to the organization’s core values.

Safety + Environment

Safety is one of Milestone's strategic pillars and the most vital component of our culture. Due to the nature of our business, we are mindful of our commitment to the protection of the environment in our handling, transporting and processing systems.

Customers + Growth

Through strategic acquisitions, expansion and organic growth over three decades, Milestone’s customer base has grown. We have a broad spectrum of customers and we strive to meet their needs and expectations through product development, reliable operations, technical expertise and dedicated customer support.

Products + Quality

Operating in many high-demand product areas that contribute to food and beverages industry needs, we provide our customers cost effective technical solutions and products without compromising over the standards. Focusing on customer needs and quality control is intrinsic to our business.



Our mission is to exceed the highest standards of quality and offer our consumers with unsurpassed value of the products. By being Trend setter in bringing innovation and technology to the industry. We want to become one of the leading manufacturer’s representative of domestic and international trade.



Our vision is to be the preferred supplier of edible oil and fats to our customers and, by being preferred supplier, to improve their competitive power. We strive to become and to remain the preferred supplier to all our customers, because this is how we can identify.

1983 - The beginning of the Milestone Catalyst

Mr. Atique Ahmed, founder of Milestone Catalyst Corporation (MCC) developed an idea to introduce the latest technology in Edible Oil & Fat Industry across Pakistan. This new technology provided a more simplified & efficient solution in comparison with the old, out dated traditional process.

1986 - Creation of Soya Supreme Cooking Oil Brand

Mr. Atique further with this collaboration designed a semi-continues refinery with UHT Deodorizer System for Soybean Oil Processing which is to date under production of top brand cooking oil “SOYA SUPREME” known in Pakistan due to its quality.

1993 - Developed Industrial Shortenings, Oils & Fats First Time in Pakistan

Milestone developed the industrial shortenings, oils & fats first time in Pakistan according to the local climate condition as per food industry needs.

2000 - Started Offering Engineering Services

Along with our existing services being offered in local market, we also positioned ourselves further in offering engineering services as well to our most esteemed cliental across Pakistan

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