Cocoa Liquor / Mass

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Origin: Malaysia / Indonesia
Packing: PE Bags in Cartons
Weight 15kg / 25kg

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About Product

Cocoa Liquor is pure cocoa mass in liquid form. Like the cocoa beans (nibs) from which it is produced, it contains both cocoa solids and cocoa butter in roughly equal proportion.

Cocoa liquor is the product from which cocoa butter and cocoa powder are made. It is also the base raw material for making the chocolates. No other ingredient in the chocolate formula has such an important impact on the ultimate outcome of the product as cocoa liquor. Dark chocolate is basically a mixture of liquor, sugar and cocoa butter, whereas in milk chocolate, milk powder has also been added. Although cocoa liquor is sometimes used as a flavoring component in other food products, its principal use is as an ingredient in the manufacturing of chocolate.


Cocoa liquor is also used in other applications, though usually in modest amounts. In ice cream, ice cream coatings, bakery products, chocolate drinks and desserts, cocoa liquor is sometimes preferred over cocoa powder, or it is used in conjunction with cocoa powder.