We specialize in specification of design and manufacturing of plant and machinery in the field of Vegetable Oil Extraction and Refining Industry.

The foundation of MCC’s commitment is simple. To achieve our customer’s satisfaction, we provide them with most reliable and affordable customized solution which meets their complete industrial process requirements up to their required satisfaction level.

We help our clients to meet their Goal & Profits with following:






Sincere & dedicated performance helped in completing successful projects across Pakistan.

Milestone Catalyst specialize in specification of design and manufacturing of plant and machinery in the field of Vegetable Oil Extraction and Refining Industry.

Undertaking projects on concept to commissioning basis as well as turnkey consultants. Continuous Endeavour to better performance culminated in following fields

Plant Development

Extraction, Refining and Hydrogenation plant for Vegetable oils. Margarines and Shortenings Complete Plant Development

Product Development

Margarines and Shortenings Product Development. Recipe development solution with tailor made fats to optimize the properties of final product. In-house shortening production solution to food industry from 20 MT/Day or above

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales services of industrial vegetable oils and fats produced by our local partners


Our innovative and technical resources allow us to provide consultancy services in plenty of Food & Beverage areas. We work closely with our clients to generate a list of potential food concepts that align with the idea the client had for the final product.

Once a promising concept is agreed upon, our product and process innovation teams develop bench-top prototypes to be evaluated by our clients. The finalised formulation will then be scaled up at our pilot plant and/or the client’s manufacturing facility.


At Milestone Catalyst, we have technically experienced and qualified team who will give special attention in understanding and designing the plant.

Whether the Plants or Support Systems, the design is finalized either by the standard capacity or by customized approach. Based on this, the construction and making work begins. 

Installation & Commissioning

As soon as the machinery reaches the destination site, it’s time for erection work. We send team of technicians for the installation work. 

With the local support, erection and installation is completed. The commissioning process starts and the individual phases are checked and made ok. Commissioning is executed in presence of local operators and process technologists to make them familiar.

Training / After Sale

Our partnership with customers goes further than just products. We provide facilities for customers to both train their staff prior to product launches and offers guidance and support post-launch.

Ranging from designing, installation, commission till after sales services, we are an expert in all the services. In our after sale services, we have all the facilities for making arrangements for genuine quality spare parts if required. On client’s request, we also arrange for a technical visit as to monitor progress or advice on possible expansion plans or improvements.

Improvement / Upgradation Existing Systems

Whether its Updragation or Improvements in Existing systems Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced in the science of process mapping, process improvement, food processing plant design, and reengineering. We are able to help our customers identify loss points and opportunities for improvement in processes, performance, yield, and efficiencies.

Over the years International Standards are amended or new versions of the standards are published so organizations already implementing Management Systems must undergo through the process of upgrading their existing Management Systems in order to comply with the new requirements.

Complete Range of Customized Solutions!

Client’s needs are different but their Goal is same i.e. PROFIT. Thus, we offer complete range of customized solutions which cover design, manufacture & supply of Vegetable oil processing equipment’s & plants.

MCC shares its business objectives with clients in the initial point of business & during their process of work, as they become pseudo business partners who conscientiously keep making suggestions & recommendation on their ultimate needs, problems & opportunities. Tailor made solutions are then offered with dedicated documented support system after projects have been commissioned.