We at Milestone Catalyst firmly believe in our corporate responsibility towards consumers and our planet. That’s why every stage of our production process is sustainable.

Our ambition is to ensure the most sustainable food supply chains in the world

Our purpose is to be the leader in nourishing the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. It’s who we are. It’s why we exist. As the world faces extraordinary challenges – from climate change to food insecurity – delivering on our purpose is more critical than ever before.

To deliver, we’ve identified the most material issues to our business. This prioritization was completed in partnership with external stakeholders and takes into account the significance of the environmental, social and economic impacts of our diverse business and supply chains. Within each of these strategic priorities, we have set goals and objectives.

environmental impact

We believe that many of the solutions to challenges facing people and the planet today can be found in the very place our food system begins: agriculture. Agriculture can be a force for good. We aim to empower farmers and workers, support our communities, promote safe and fair working conditions, and ensure food is nutritious and plentiful for all.

Sustainable supply chains 

An increasingly sustainable future

Protecting the environment requires far-reaching projects, that’s why Milestone is always looking for new ways to improve.

We have a plan in the pipeline that will help us further reduce emissions by shifting to a fleet of electric vans. Moreover, our dedication to innovation in packaging aims at reducing our environmental impact and promoting the use of state-of-the-art materials.

Quality Commitment

We at Milestone Cata.yst we understand the importance of carefully implemented quality procedures constantly throughout our production cycles.
Besides this, all our employees are professionals trained to understand and incorporate the world’s best quality practices at every stage of production.

Combined with our commitment of use only the best quality raw materials and machinery available, we are proud to guarantee the highest level of quality and product safety to our clients.